How to obtain listings without depending on cold calling

Every real estate agent yearns to get a lot of listings within the shortest time possible. Most of them, however, rely on cold calling and ignore other useful techniques. Though cold calling works, this method can be exhausting and finding different ways to generate listings can save you time. Here are a few tactics that you can use to obtain more listing leads and listings quickly.

Start by targeting divorcees. Though most communities consider this a taboo topic, it can be an excellent opportunity for realtors searching for listings. A lot of judges advise couples to sell their property, especially if they share joint ownership to avoid further conflicts. For this reason, a lot of divorcees list their homes every year.

Statistics reveal that a significant percentage of divorcees list their homes a few months after filing for a divorce. As an agent, you should take advantage of this opportunity and list their property. You can gain two buyers from this transaction. The competition for being a divorce listings expert is not stiff, making it easy for you to thrive. Come up with Facebook ads that target these particular home sellers. Make use of landing pages for you to gather their contact details.

Apart from that, you can try looking into inherited homes. About a million people inherit homes each year. This is another good opportunity for real estate agents since most of the people would rather sell the house than occupy it. The home may need a lot of repairs or be in the wrong location, and selling the property could make more sense to the new homeowner.

You can find such homeowners by conduction an online search. Look at the county clerk’s website and focus on inheritance cases. Try to access the public data so that you can easily find the name of the original property owner plus the address of the property. As you look at the county clerk’s website, you should also search for homes which are behind in settling property taxes. Some of the real estate properties that are sold each year are behind on property taxes. Finding motivates sellers is therefore not hard.

There are a lot of vacant homes in Armidale that you can find and list. If you don’t have the time to find them, hire a college student who can help you identify prospect vacant homes easily. You can pay them on in the form of commission for their services. Having help can make you the first realtor to discover vacant properties in different areas.

You can also partner with small builders or local banks. Most people, including mortgage providers, builders, and even electricians all look for businesses like you. Such entrepreneurs cannot mind getting a few referrals from you.  Working with such groups can help you grow as your business. Add them into your CRM and do a follow up regularly. Such partnerships can prevent you from relying on cold calling to get listings.